A reboot to the legendary GRID franchise

A legendary racing franchise focusing on action, collision and adrenaline spiking detail- GRID is one of the most celebrated members of the racer-gaming's hall of fame.

As a reboot, GRID captures all of the energy and spirit of the original GRID series, bought together for a next generation experience that adds a sense of constant, combative action to the procession of reality racers that currently populate console’s pole positions.

From touring cars to F1- GRID offers a complete racing experience across multiple modes and gorgeous, neon city-maps, always delivering an almost deliriously intense motor-racing experience.

Our logo and key art focused on the action, mechanical aesthetic and distressed textures present in both the vehicles and surroundings.

We created and delivered the key art, pack art and logo.

Logo Concepts

We proposed a series of logo iterations, each to convey the hard edged, mechanical aesthetic of the game.



Our final art used low angles to create speed and aggression.