Player Unknown's Battlegrounds

As the world's premier Battle Royale; PUBG is a global phenomenon and gaming institution. We have been proudly supporting their global teams with a wide range of innovative ideas and creative; both physical and digital- to help them secure their status and continue enjoying their rampant success.

PUBG Partners Throwdown

The PUBG Partners Throwdown is regular online tournaments hosted purely for PUBG Partners. Each tournament consists of multiple games with fun custom settings, all themed to the latest game updates, new maps, or latest season release; acting as a double marketing opportunity.

Our main objective is to reward PUBG Partners with a fun and exciting activity they want to participate in. We are not looking to recreate a competitive esports environment, but provide influencers with new and exciting content to stream to their communities.


PUBG Europe League Twitch Extension

In order to maximise viewership and retention on PUBG's twitch streams, we a plug-in that would allow spectators to interact with the stream in realtime and share their thoughts and feelings through bespoke PUBMOJI's. Our extension was gamefied to unlock more content for the most loyal viewers.


PUBG Global Championship esports trophy

We were commissioned by PUBG HQ to create a unique, visually stunning and timeless trophy design that would be the grand prize at the global championship. We went through countless designs to find an elegant solution that was of superior value and communicated the competitive nature of PUBG.


PUBG Influencer Kits

We have been servicing PUBG's fans and community with a range of hyper-detailed and high value influencer and media kits that helped celebrate new maps, content and often signalled the subtle humour of the game.