Influencers on the battlegrounds!

PUBG has become an all-conquering innovation for gaming by offering a true-to-life Battle Royale experience.

Spectatorship and streaming is at the core of the global phenomenon and we are proud to have helped PUBG build on their existing influencer engagement initiative: The PUBG Partners Program.

The program's framework is simple; streams, posts and views of PUBG influencers ought to be encouraged, cultivated and rewarded with uniquely valuable rewards and privileges.

Fluid was asked to make PUBG’s Partner Program one of the best influencer engagement examples in the world. Our first move was to launch the PUBG Partners Throwdown; a widely promoted, seasonal tournament exclusively for PUBG Partners. It boasts no-holds-barred settings and one-of-a-kind rewards exclusive for influencers encouraging and supporting them as content creators.

Each partner rallied their respective networks to watch them Throwdown and we’ve seen incredible spectatorship from launch.

Yet what remains our favourite nuance of the campaign is the attention given to each influencer and their respective communities, above competitive combat. This gave our most active Partners the room to truly enrich their audience with fresh content without trying to recreate an esports atmosphere.

The Throwdown brand

The first task was to establish the name and visual identity for the events. We wanted something that felt approachable, fun, and energetic. Our name suggestion 'Throwdown' was designed to be enjoyably competitive, and our logo design concept offered an extension of the PUBG core visual identity.

The approved brand was woven throughout each touch point of the campaign, which were all built and delivered by us including key arts, registration emails, web pages, and bespoke Twitch overlays.

Registration and communication

In order to drive sign ups for the upcoming Throwdown, we designed and executed an invitation email that was sent directly to Partners.

To accompany our invite email we created social assets that could bolster our direct communication with targeted social promotion of the event.



In order to help manage the delivery of the tournaments, we partnered with FACEIT who ensured slick delivery and real-time, responsive management of our battles.

We set up a dedicated Throwdown Discord server that enabled us to communication with PUBG Partners, PUBG Partnerships team, and FACEIT. This managed real-time event management and live support, as well as trash talking from the Partners!


The Throwdown's revolve around rewarding the players for their particular participation. In activating this to the fullest, we give personalised prizes to PUBG’s most prolific players. Each prize is carefully thought out and aligns with the monthly theme.

Prizes have ranged from a Mirimar inspired crate complete with Mexican goodies, to personalised illustrations of the winners PUBG avatar.

Prizes have ranged from a Mirimar inspired crate complete with Mexican goodies, to personalised illustrations of the winners PUBG avatar.