Landing page for Zynga and LucasFilm's new mobile game

Hunters is a new star wars game coming to Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android; thats lets fans compete in the galactic arena. Featuring a brand new cast of characters and thrilling team based action that lets you play as a daring Bounty Hunters, hero of the Rebellion, or the Empire. Today we get our first glimpse at some of those new faces, including a Wookiee warrior and a mysterious red lightsaber-wielding fighter, as holograms lining a graffiti-mottled hallway, which you can watch below.

Inspired by the classic Star Wars setting, Hunters is an entirely new chapter in the dynastic story of the universe and Fluid were thrilled to support the game by designing and creating their announcement website. The main objectives were to showcase the announcement trailer, capture pre-registrations from consumers, and collect interest from content creators.

The site launched at the same time the trailer aired on the Nintendo Direct live stream... lot's of moving parts to co-ordinate!

users in the first week


The Nintendo Direct livestream announced Star Wars: Hunters with the first reveal of the game trailer and our landing page.