Branding for CA’s latest war epic.

Charting the vast fueds of China’s ancient three kingdoms- a golden age of warlords, warriors and revolution is told in gigantic turn based battles with a slavish devotion to epic scale and visceral detail.

In an innovative gesture to romanticise and glory of the era’s legendary generals; Total War Three Kingdoms introduces ‘Romantic mode’ which allows players (for the first time in a total war series) to suspend disbelief and witness practically mythical duels between fabled warriors.

We have long since been called to stand as brand vanguards for the dynastic total war series and have worked hand in hand with Creative Assembly since some of their earliest releases.

We provided the logo, key art and all other brand elements for the Total War’s Three Kingdoms.

The final key art above was drawn by Creative Assembly's in-house artists, following the creative direction we help define.